The professional blog of Suzanne Fischer, a public historian from Detroit.  I work as a curator at a medium-sized multidisciplinary museum in the West.  I received a PhD in the history of science and technology from the University of Minnesota.  I’m interested in museums, fringe sciences, “useable pasts,” and the public history of technology.  You can contact me at suzannehistorian at gmail dot com.

So what is public history anyway? It’s what happens when you take history out of the classroom and into the streets. (Or the museum, the historic site, the library, the park, the web!) Watch for evolving discussions and definitions.

Photo of Margaret Ittner, RN, teaching an anatomy class at Minneapolis General Hospital, 1950s, is courtesy HCMC History Museum.

Looking for The Public Historian, the NCPH’s journal?  Here’s the link.