Superstruct, the future-forecasting game that I’ve been participating in, has come to an official end.  The Institute for the Future and all the amazing thinkers and makers who participated in the project will be preparing reports and making plans, though the site will stay up and superstructing will continue.  I, for one, am going to keep thinking about the future of public history and agriculture and the postal system and education and community and museums.

 An awards presentation is up (about an hour long, with lots of enthusiasm and yays and awards from special secret guests) and it’s been exciting to hear about some great projects that I missed when I took a bit of a hiatus from Superstruct.  That hiatus was why I was so suprised to be named one of the “SEHI 19,” 19 folks from the superstruct community chosen to be puppetmasters of a future superstruct game. Also chosen was fabulous colleague Elizabeth Merritt from the AAM’s Center for the Future of Museums.  Her screenname was elizabethmerritt.  Mine was suzanne.  Transparency is obviously a key value for museum professionals in 2019.  Anyway, I’m very excited about it, and besides, that, it’s my birthday.  So, thanks for the present, Superstruct!