Many conferences, events and so forth on the horizon, in the Midwest and elsewhere (some threatening to disturb my writing by being just that interesting).  Say hello if you’re at:

2/8-2/9: Grantwriting for conservation projects, Midwest Art Conservation Center, Mpls Central Library

3/29-4/1:  OAH Annual Meeting, Mpls*

4/10-4/14:  Museums and the Web 2007, San Francisco**

4/27:  Minnesota Association of Museums Annual Meeting, St. Peter

6/??:  Minnesota Digital Library Annual Meeting, somewhere in Minnesota

9/10-9/14: Mountain-Plains Museums Assoc, Fargo***

See you there!

 *Check out the program!  There are some amazing public history sessions.  Also, I will have just finished my final diss draft, and will be very excited to be doing something else.

**On that same weekend are the meetings of the Midwest Junto for the History of Science in Iowa City and the National Council for Public History in Santa Fe!  What does my choice of conference say about my interests?  I guess it’s obvious.

 ***However, I might be out of the country in September, and thus would not be able to go.