Congrats to this year’s Cliopatria Award winners, recognizing the best in history blogging.  Lots of great stuff to add to the ol’ feed reader.  No explicitly public history-themed blogs made the cut this year, but a history of science blog did win best individual blog, so at least one of my teams was represented. Visit Cliopatria for the judges’ remarks on the blogs.

Best Group Blog: US Intellectual History

Best Individual Blog: Renaissance Mathematicus

Best New Blog: PhD Octopus

Best Post: Mike Dash, “The Emperor’s Electric Chair,” A Blast from the Past, 9 September.

Best Series of Posts: David Blight, William Freehling, Adam Goodheart, Jamie Malanowski, and others, “DisunionNYT‘s Opinionator, 30 October- .

Best Writer: Lapata@Chapati Mystery