A few links on public history from around these webs:

Please start reading the excellent Fredericksburg Remembered and its sister blog Mysteries and Conundrums from folks from the NPS at Fredericksburg.   Thanks to @jmcclurken for bringing them to my attention.

The Civil War Augmented Reality Project is a neat project prototyping AR binoculars for Civil War landscape interpretation.  Their kickstarter is in its last days; give them a boost!

NCPH has a new blog:  Off the Wall is a place for “critical reviews of history exhibit practice in an age of ubiquitous display.”  The reviews up already are thoughtful, smart and unexpected, and I’m sure they will continue to be so even when my posts appear.

Magpie is wondering about defining “historian,” and if her reenactor communities “count.”

Are you all reading Prerogative of Harlots, Chris Norris’ excellent blog on issues in natural history collections?  Though I resent the general elision of “art museum” to “museum,” I fear that when talking about museum collections challenges I’m just as parochial and tend to leave out natural history.  Chris’ provocations are essential here.

ArchivesNext is continuing to explore this “citizen archivist” idea and what a “participatory archives” would look like.  I like how all the LAM fields are addressing these issues:  what does it mean to be open and encourage engagement and participation in our work, the communal work of collecting, preserving and providing access to cultural (and natural!) heritage materials?