Here’s the news from the history blogosphere!

Bill Turkel has stopped writing Digital History Hacks, a terrific blog which ran for 3 excellent years.  Its ending gives me an opportunity to catch up on actually doing some of the projects he blogged about.  I’m sure he will keep populating the public history blogosphere with his students, and I look forward to his next projects!

There will be a blogging session at OAH this year in Seattle,* featuring some of your favorite history bloggers, including Bill, Larry, and J.L. Bell, who not only writes Boston 1775, but also has a great kidlit blog.

Speaking of New England history bloggers, Caitlyn’s Vast Public Indifference has all the gravestones, census records, and ways to say “died” you’ll ever need.

How good is the National Trust’s blog, Preservation Nation, that I always talk about here?  It’s so good that I joined the National Trust.

Everybody’s happy ** about Obama reversing Bush’s EO 13233; this makes presidential records more accessible to the public.

Susan posted a zillion essays about “What’s American about the history of science in America?”

I wrote the Pic of the Month at work about an awesome telephone now on exhibit.

Have you added your ideas about the future of public history to Forward Capture?

Also, I am working on a post about self-consciousness at “being a part of history” in re: the inauguration.  Clio will make an appearance.


*I won’t be there.  I never make it to OAH.

**By which I mean that all the archivists were twittering about it this morning.