The NCPH has been establishing spaces and places for public historians to connect online.  Please come and join in.  As Cathy Stanton asked on H-Public, What does the changing digital face of the public history field look like?  Let’s find out!

Please join, for instance, our Facebook page , which has 250 fans and counting.  You can read a superinteresting piece on the history of “public history” and the NCPH there as well.  There’s also a LinkedIn group (the Linkedin group is just for NCPH members).  

I also challenge you all to contribute to this neat project, an “online brainstorming session,” called Forward Capture (built in Omeka, natch) to collect and visualize how public historians conceptualize the past and future of “public history.”  This is a place where anyone interested in the place of history and material culture  in public life can contribute to a collective vision and revisioning.  I am asking my archivist readers particularly to think about how they will do history in the future, and how they might be involved a big tent public history field.  (I also challenge myself to contribute soon!)