Does a spirit of generosity dwell within you every day of the year?  Or are some pecuniary gifts suddenly burning a hole in your pocket? (“Mom, I want to donate my Christmas money to the county historical society!”)  Do you want to give some donations before the year runs out?  Did you forget to get me a gift?  In any case, here are some historical and museum organizations that could use your help at the end of the year.

Your local historical society:  municipal, county, state.  You know who they are.  

The National Trust:  has been doing amazing work this year to preserve historic places and our collective memory.  Give back to them.

The historic institution I work for.  Nuff said.

The International Cryptozoology Museum:  Amazing collection of cryptozoological artifacts curated by Loren Coleman in Maine;  currently having serious problems with the IRS.  Please help out thusly:

Save The Museum! Help out if you can. Build a crypto-future. Donations, via a check, money order, or, if outside the USA, an international postal money order sent to the “International Cryptozoology Museum” supports the research and saving of the collection.

Please send contributions to: International Cryptozoology Museum c/o Loren Coleman PO Box 360 Portland, ME 04112. You may also merely use PayPal to