The Archivist of the US, Allen Weinstein, resigned.

The Brooklyn Museum started 1stfans, an amazing “socially networked membership program.”

Larry wrote about historic facial hair in the state of Washington.

Bill Turkel offered a winter reading list for humanist makers.

The National Trust’s Preservation Nation continued to be one of the web’s best history blogs (which is why I nominated it for a Cliopatria Award).

My alma mater, Oberlin College, is still looking for a College Archivist.

A registrar’s nightmare: a piece of art was destroyed on its way to Miami (okay, this happened last week) (h/t)

As for me this week:  in researching typewriters, I’ve become increasingly appalled by “keychoppers” (which, however, would be a great name for a band), and have become increasingly impressed by museums on twitter.