Check out the demo videos for this interesting project, World History, which mashes map data and historical content about people, events, artifacts, photos and so on. (I found the middle video, How Content Works, particularly cool, if you have time for just one).  You can, for instance, see on the map all of George Washington’s travel to battles and other events throughout his entire life, matched with modern photos of the places and information on collaborators and events.  Or you can see events that happened in Detroit at any given point in time.  You can also access, upload and develop genealogical data about your family and map their locations, movements, and relationship to events, places and other people (if your ancestor died at Dunkirk, for instance, you could enter that information into content around the battle.)  World History seems to pull most of its content from Wikipedia at the moment,  but it will hopefully be more populated when it gets into public beta and more people start contributing.  Also it sounds like they’ll release an API.

I’m always happy to see new ways to connect people to history.  I can see a lot of interesting museum applications, especially because they want to key artifacts to the map.  Keep your eyes on this one. (via)