Since I’ve been talking about museums in an election year, I’ll put in another plug for Minnesota’s Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, on the ballot this November to create a dedicated funding stream for environmental and cultural programs. The folks from the campaign have been busy recently, with a poster contest, a film contest, and a supercharged booth at the State Fair (since they’re asking people to be “Minnesota heroes” in November, people could play Guitar Hero at the booth). Check out their website for more information.

I think the referendum is a great idea, and of course I’d like dedicated funding for the environment and cultural programs, but I do wish there was more emphasis on history. Originally it was called the “Great Outdoors and Heritage Amendment,” which I liked a lot. History is missing in this new formulation (except as part of “legacy,” which is a little mealy-mouthed), and I haven’t seen much outreach to people in the state’s local history community (of which I was a part up to last week, remember), who could be great advocates for this. But do vote for the amendment, and do join the campaign on facebook and other social networking sites, and, if you’re so moved, make a video for Yes for MN’s contest about how important local history is to the state of Minnesota. I would be happy to post any videos about local history here.