The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, Cedar Rapids, Friday

Since I moved down to a floodplain, here in Rochester, Minn., I’ve been worried about local museums in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.  Cedar Rapids, of course, was totally under water, though the flood is receding.  But the museum there are been severely damaged.  The National Trust is reporting that the historic house museum Brucemore is okay, and possibly the collections of the art museum and Grant Wood museum, but the art museum, the library, the science center, the Czech and Slovak Museum (above, on Friday) and the African-American Museum were under water.  Here in Minnesota, in Austin the Spam Museum was closed for the flood last week, but it’s not clear if there was damage.  A state of emergency was declared for Mower (Austin) and Freeborn (Albert Lea) counties in southern Minnesota, but no word on other local museums.

I’ll keep you posted on places to send money and for any possibilities for collections professionals to go down and help out with the recovery.