From MAM:

Minnesota Association of Museums

MAM Summer Internship Scholarship Program

To support the next generation of museum professionals, the Minnesota
Association of Museums (MAM) offers one $500 scholarship to a summer
intern at any qualifying Minnesota museum/cultural organization. This
stipend supports a student committed to a rewarding, intensive
internship experience as a step towards a career in museums.

Application Criteria:

* Applicant must be a currently enrolled college/university
student who is either a graduate student, or an undergraduate entering
their junior or senior year

* Acceptance as an intern for summer 2008 by a museum or
cultural organization located in Minnesota which maintains exhibits
and/or collections as part of its program

* Internship commitment is for a minimum eight weeks at an
average of 20 hours per week or more

* Internship site supervisor is a current member of Minnesota
Association of Museums

Required Application Materials:

* Completed application form (found at <http://www.minnesota/&gt;

* Letter from applicant of no more than 2 pages describing the
internship plan and summarizing the applicant’s professional and
academic background and goals

* Letter of support (no more than one page) from the internship
site supervisor describing the purpose of the internship for the
organization, and outlining the terms of the internship (duration,
number of hours per week)

* 1-2 letter/s of recommendation from a person not related to
the applicant and not associated with the museum hosting the internship.
Recommendation(s) must be submitted sealed in envelope with
recommender’s signature on seal.

* Official college transcript

* CV or resume


Recipients will submit a one page final report at the end, accompanied
by a letter signed by the supervisor that affirms that the intern
fulfilled their commitment.

Recipients will be invited to give a short presentation at the Minnesota
Association of Museums Annual Meeting that follows the internship

Application deadline: May 15

March 1 to May 15- Applications will be accepted

May- Application are reviewed by MAM scholarship committee

June 10- Applicants are notified of the award decision

The award will be presented in two payments, $250 in mid-June and $250
upon receipt of the final internship report.

Mail completed application materials to:


P.O. Box 14825

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

Attn: Scholarship