The exciting news of 2008 so far is that the three Minneapolis branch libraries which had been closed for over a year have reopened, including my library, the Roosevelt Library on 28th Ave and 40th St in the Standish neighborhood.  On Saturday when I visited with a librarian friend, the place was as cozy and charming as ever, but with more computers.  The Southeast and Webber Park branches, both also closed for all of 2007, are also open.  (Southeast, FYI, has the best scifi collection in the city.)  These reopenings are due to the merger between the Minneapolis Public Library and the Hennepin County Library system, which I think will be good for everyone.  There will be a big party at all three libraries next Saturday, Jan 12, from 10-6, and there will be music at Roosevelt from 3-6.  Library party-hopping! 

The Daily Planet wrote an article about the reopenings as well.