I’ve found just a few other reports of SHOT, one from Ecorover, who went on the Harper’s Ferry tour with Roe Smith (awesome), and one from Dictatorship of the Air, a Soviet historian whose paper was misconstrued by the audience.  I’m puzzled that I can’t find any other posts on the meeting–are there so few history of technology bloggers?  Did none of them go to SHOT this year?  Did they tag their posts ‘puppies’  so that I couldn’t find them?

Anyway, now that I have another SHOT post I can tell you another story.  I shared a cab to the airport with a random guy who, when he found out I was a historian of medicine, asked me what was the grossest thing I’ve learned about, and I gave a whole disquisition about the history and earlier ubiquity of intestinal worms.  I had no idea I knew that much about worms, but it seemed to be sufficiently gross.  I’m adding this one to my stable of cocktail party speeches about syphilis and teratology.