The awesome historian of science Elizabeth Green Musselman announces that she’s producing a history of science/technology/medicine podcast.  From the announcement (via H-net):

I am writing to announce the recent launch of the Missing Link, my monthly podcast on the history of science, medicine, and technology (RSS). The program is designed to help make our discipline more accessible to a wider audience.

The first two episodes are now available:

Episode 1: Stranger than Fiction – This episode considers some of the ways that science fiction has drawn inspiration from planetary science.
Episode 2: Opposites Attract – This program examines the seemingly obvious idea that women and men are opposites.

The third episode, to be released at the end of September, will travel to Berlin for a look at the history of science and medicine in that city’s turbulent history.

The website includes links to further readings on the subjects covered.  Elizabeth also encourages comments, suggestions, and submissions.  Check it out!