Minnesota news roundup!

Folks are talking  about installing a statue of Emiliano Zapata in Powderhorn Park, in my neighborhood in South Minneapolis.  No links, as no public meetings have yet been announced, but apparently the city and the park board are discussing it.  This will be a  fascinating bit of public history; I’ll bring you updates as they arrive.

The Resource Center of the Americas is closing after 25 years. It was a community center, library, bookstore, cafe, political action center, with classrooms and an education program, conversation groups, movies, events, etc, around Latin American politics and culture. What a loss for the Cities!

Established by volunteers near the campus of the University of Minnesota in 1982, the Resource Center achieved a remarkable 25-year record of accomplishments – keeping a spotlight on human rights, globalization and development issues in the Americas while also providing support for immigrant rights in Minnesota. Its award-winning programs and services have included the Centro de Derechos Laborales (Worker Rights Center), Penny Lernoux library and the Bookstore of the Americas.

The Otter Tail County Historical Society is having its annual homebrewing fest tonight, 8/17, from 7-11 pm, up in Fergus Falls.  All the money raised goes to the OTCHS.

The Minnesota  Sesquicentennial Commission (2008 is our 150th) has a blog, with a County of the Week feature.  This week: Clearwater County, in NW Minnesota, home of the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

The excellent Twin City Sidewalks blog has become much more active recently, with regular Sidewalk of the Week features and some very intelligent responses to the bridge collapse.

The Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums will hold their fall conference Sep 28 at the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum in Alexandria.  Save the date!