The Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums doesn’t have a very active website, but they do host a legislative update page with news on museum-related bills in the Minnesota Legislature.

It’s pretty fascinating:  grants to the MHS to regrant for preservation and for county historical society grants-in-aid, large grants to children’s museums in St. Paul, Duluth and Grand Rapids.  You learn that the Minnesota legislature really does value museums and the MHS, but also will give appropriations to single museums if someone lobbies for them (I’d love to talk to the folks at the Nicollet County Historical Society about how they came to get site improvement funding from the state).   The MAHLM doesn’t publish a feed, but you can create one at Feed43 or similar sites.

In other MAHLM news, they’ve announced some info on their spring conference, to whit:

The Alliance spring conference and workshop will be Friday, May 4, at the Sherburne County Historical Society in Becker. Planned topics include fundraising ideas and a review of the MHS Grants-In-Aid program. A survey for people to offer thoughts on the grants program will be mailed in early April and also posted on this web site.