Some interesting museum- and history-related conferences with CFP deadlines coming up.

Rethinking Museums, an interdisciplinary academic conference 5/3-5/4 in Seattle.  Looks like it’s aimed mostly at folks in the Seattle area.  They have a lovely logo, and of course, who doesn’t like to talk about the future of museums?  Abstracts due 3/26

SHOT, the history of technology conference, this year in DC 10/18-10/21.  Abstracts due 3/16 (and if anyone would like to join a panel on curating medical instrument collections, contact me!)

For some reason I thought there were more, but it seems that the MCN cfp closed last week.

Coming up here on PH:  a discussion of the Academic Health Center (UMN) History Project kickoff which happened last week, thoughts on nurses in the military (our museum’s next exhibit), and even more about timelines!