From Overheard in Minneapolis:

Dim student #1: I thought a ‘science and the humanities’ class would be easy, but it’s actually really hard. It’s showing that there’s more to science than just like, science. It’s like the history of science.

Dim student #2: Whoa.

Dim student #1: Yeah. We’re reading all these French guys.. um… Michel Sartre and Jean-Paul Foucoult and Rene Descartes. Like REALLY deep stuff. And they expect us to be able to analyze it!

Dim student #2: That’s SO deep.

the 755A bus
Overheard by Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre.

I think the student must have been in one of our classes, though I can’t think of any where they read Sartre. Must have been some other French guy…

But this student has articulated the fundamental insight of science studies, that there is more to science than ‘science,’  that science is not a transparent reflection of the natural world.  I feel proud of the teacher who helped the student get to that place.