Ward at Massachusetts General Hospital, 1870s(?)

“My first introduction to a hospital ward . . . I was ushered into a large bright airy room, the pretty white-curtained beds, with their strip of bright carpet beside each bed, and in almost every window pretty flowing plants gave the room a most cheerful and homelike appearance. And yet as I soon learned and saw, there was suffering in almost every form within those four walls.”

Miss Sturtevant, MGH Nurse 1862-1894

Check out this interesting slideshow of nursing history photographs from the collections of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It’s a simple presentation of historic photos of wards and nursing care from roughly 1860-1960, with quotations from nurses who worked in the hospital in the 19th century, nursing texts, and other sources. For museums with limited staff time or tech skills, this slideshow or ‘photo essay’ format could be a good way to get some photos and stories on the web. Rather than scrolling, visitors can click through, which gives each photos and story more space, and allows visitors more agency in how they read it. I would use titles rather than numbers to identify the photos, and give a more comprehensive introduction, but this is a nice exhibit.