NEH and IMLS are sponsoring some new grant programs in the digital humanities.  

Advancing Knowledge grants for partnerships and collaborative projects, Fellowships,  Start-up grants for wacky ideas:

The name “Start-Up Grant” is deliberately evocative of the technology start-up–a company like an Apple Computer or a Google that took a brilliant idea and, with a small amount of seed money, was able to grow it into a new way of doing business. NEH’s Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants will encourage scholars with bright new ideas and provide the funds to get their projects off the ground. Some projects will be practical, others completely blue sky. Some will fail while others will succeed wildly and develop into important projects. But all will incorporate new ways of studying the humanities.

Lots of possibilites here for lots of interesting work to get done.  NEH and IMLS show great foresight in sponsoring this grant program.  Public historians need to get on board.  With funds at our disposal, how can we make digital projects a key part of our work? 

 I have a few big ideas (nice networked websites for every county historical society in Minnesota!  Mapping the Mississippi river from Itasca to New Orleans!) and I’m going to need to think about them in more depth and think of possible collaborative partners.


Project directors cannot be degree candidates.

Time to finish the dissertation.